courtier (ˈkɔːtɪə)
— n
1. an attendant at the court of a king or royal personage
[C13: from Anglo-French courteour (unattested), from Old French cortier to attend at court]

Les Courtières

Bringing life to your home

Poodles:the Traditional Companion

Beautiful, intelligent and eager to please, poodles are ideal as pets, retrievers, hunters, assistance dogs, and excel in agility and show rings.

Les Courtiéres is a small, selective breeder,  specializing in black and brown standard poodles. We offer occasional litters to families and show homes.

Please see our poodles section for more information and our litterbox page for details on purchasing a Les Courtières puppy. If you are interested in 
reserving a puppy, you can start the process here
See the photo gallery page for updated pictures!

All Brown Litter expected August 2018.  
GCH Graphic Jackson Browne x CH Autumn Hills Rewind